IC DR Sample Questions

Initial Certification

Diagnostic Radiology

Sample Exam Questions

Initial Exams

All questions are one-best-response type, in the multiple-choice format. Each consists of a stem (e.g., a question, image, etc.) followed by a series of four or five possible responses or options. The examinee is required to select the one best option among those offered.

This type of question usually has a comparative quality, so that one answer is the best among those given. Other options in the set may be plausible or even partially correct, but not the best response or option.


Typical values of the band electron energy levels for tungsten are K = 69.5 keV; L = 12 keV;
M = 2 keV. What is the energy of K ? characteristic X-rays?

  1. 10 keV
  2. 12 keV
  3. 57.5 keV
  4. 67.5 keV
  5. 69.5 keV

The correct answer is C.


What is the purpose of the ion exchange column in a molybdenum-technetium generator

  1. To neutralize all the ions
  2. To generate negative ions
  3. To convert technetium to pertechnetate
  4. To retain molybdenum ions during elution
  5. To absorb the energy of molybdenum decay

The correct answer is D.


A patient with a suspected air embolism to the heart and great vessels should be placed in what position for treatment?

  1. Supine
  2. Erect
  3. Left lateral decubitus
  4. Prone

The correct answer is C .


In hyperparathyroidism, which of the following organs most frequently shows increased uptake of the bone-seeking agent 99Tc-MDP?

  1. Liver
  2. Adrenal glands
  3. Kidneys
  4. Small intestine
  5. Spleen

The correct answer is C.


In CT, what basic factor sets a limit to differentiation among various tissues?

  1. Ability to provide x-ray beams with sufficient collimation
  2. Effect of scattered radiation in reducing contrast
  3. Accuracy of computer algorithms for reconstruction
  4. Ability to design x-ray tubes with sufficiently high outputs
  5. Dependence of statistical variations in photon transmission on patient dose

The correct answer is E.