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Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is for ABR-certified diplomates.

Diplomates who hold TIME-LIMITED certificates, and those with CONTINUOUS CERTIFICATES issued in 2012 and thereafter (with no "valid-through" dates), are automatically enrolled in the MOC program when they attain initial certification and may start participating immediately.

Diplomates who hold LIFETIME CERTIFICATES must voluntarily enroll in the program to begin the MOC process. Click here for more information.



Our Maintenance of Certification process is designed to facilitate and document the professional development of each diplomate through its focus on the essential elements of quality medical physics practice. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the American Board of Radiology (ABR), as a Member Board, have initiated this process, which is conceptually similar for all ABMS Member Boards

MOC will continue to develop into a comprehensive vehicle through which all diplomates can ensure the public and the radiologic community that they are incorporating new information into their practices, thereby delivering excellence in medical physics.



MOC focuses on the essential elements of quality medical physics.

With that in mind, we recommend that all diplomates participate in the MOC program. Those with time-limited certificates, or continuous certificates issued in 2012 and thereafter, are automatically enrolled in the process immediately following initial certification (IC). Those with lifetime certificates should consider MOC as an investment that will ensure continuing education and self assessment, instill confidence, and promote the best interests of the patient. All diplomates should keep the ABR apprised of any change in contact information or licensure.

The ABR believes in the value of Maintenance of Certification. All current ABR trustees participate in MOC, as will all future trustees. New volunteers must also enroll in MOC, and all volunteers will need to be enrolled by 2016.



A summary of the six competencies and four parts of Maintenance of Certification can be found here.

To view the MOC participation schedule and detailed guidelines used to evaluate acceptable participation, see the MOC Participation Guidelines.

A brochure on MOC for Medical Physics is available here.



MOC Team Tracker is a new online program, developed by the ABR, to assist MOC participants in group practices with their attestation “bookkeeping.” Groups (two or more ABR diplomates) may designate authorized group practice administrators to sign on myABR and manage the input of MOC participation data for the group’s members. More information and instructions for enrolling can be found at

The Whole Practice MOC Discount Pilot Program offers a group-wide discount of 10 percent on the current year’s annual MOC fees. To qualify for the discount in 2014, all eligible participants must be enrolled in MOC, opt in to MOC Team Tracker, and pay all outstanding fees. Further details and requirements can be found at

If you have questions about either program, please send an email to



Under this program, societies and organizations with a favorable history of ABR-approved SAM offerings may apply for and be granted SAM Deemed Status by the ABR. This status allows them to develop and implement, without prior ABR review, enduring SAMs and in-person (“live”) SAMs that satisfy certain ABR requirements. Those meeting the criteria may qualify their own SAMs, subject to audit by the ABR.

Once an organization is granted SAM Deemed Status, it is subject to regular audits to ensure SAM materials are meeting ABR standards.

For a list of ABR Deemed Status Organizations, click here. If you would like information about applying for SAM Deemed Status with the ABR, please email Pam Dawson at