Initial Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Authorized User-Eligibility Information

Last verified on December 17, 2019


What is an authorized user?


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) defines an Authorized User as a person named on an NRC license as being responsible for ensuring that radioactive materials are handled and used safely and in accordance with NRC regulations and the terms and conditions of the NRC license.


How do I become an Authorized User without the AU-E designation on my certificate?


The NRC offers a noncertification pathway to become an Authorized User. Please refer to NRC Form 313A for more information.


Who grants Authorized User status?


The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).


I have the Authorized User-Eligible (AU-E) designation on my ABR certificate. What does that mean?


The AU-E designation means that you submitted the appropriate forms to the ABR and passed the Radioisotope Safety Exam (RISE) content on the Core and Certifying Exams. AU-E status does not mean you are an authorized user. The AU-E designation on your certificate allows you to pursue a streamlined process with the NRC to be granted Authorized User status.


When did the ABR begin granting the AU-E designation on certificates?


In 2006 for diagnostic radiology and in 2007 for radiation oncology, therapeutic medical physics, diagnostic medical physics, and nuclear medical physics.


My original certificate had the AU-E designation, but my new certificate doesn’t. Why is that?


The AU-E designation is only valid for seven years from the completion of residency training.


Why does AU-E designation expire after seven years? How do I get it back?


The AU-E designation expiration is an NRC statute. The NRC does not allow the ABR to provide a process to regain your AU-E designation after it has expired.


How do I know if I am AU-E?


The AU-E designation will be shown on your certificate.  You will also have received notice on your certifying exam pass letter if you were granted AU-E designation.


What forms do I need to submit to have the AU-E designation on my ABR certificate?


Forms A and B, which can be downloaded from the ABR website.


I completed and turned in Forms A and B to the ABR but did not pass the RISE content on the Core and Certifying Exams. What are my options?


You will need to take and pass the RISE. For more information, see the ABR website.


I completed the requirements during my residency needed for the AU-E designation but did not submit the required forms to the ABR and was issued a certificate without the AU-E designation. Can I still become AU-E?


Yes. You may still complete Forms A and B to become AU-E. Please contact a Certification Manager at for assistance.