Maintenance of Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

MOC Team Tracker

Last verified on June 20, 2019
MOC Team Tracker
Many ABR diplomates are busy in group practices and seldom find time to log in to their myABR accounts. Yet, staying current with myABR attestations and entering and checking data are integral to Maintenance of Certification (MOC) participation. To assist our MOC participants in group practices with their MOC “bookkeeping,” the ABR has developed a new online program called MOC Team Tracker.
This online tool is available to diplomates in all ABR disciplines—diagnostic radiology and subspecialties, radiation oncology, and medical physics. Its use is optional for each diplomate, and not all members of a group are required to participate.
Group practices (defined as two or more ABR diplomates) will designate a single Organization Manager who will be responsible for overseeing the program. To ensure that the system structure is scalable for groups of various sizes, the Organization Manager will be authorized to appoint one or more Group Practice Administrators (GPAs).  

How Does it Work?

GPAs are authorized to sign on and manage the input of MOC participation data for the group’s members. Each GPA will have a unique list of diplomates (see diagram below), as well as an individual user name and password that allows the GPA to log in to the MOC Team Tracker system. In addition to facilitating data entry, GPAs will be allowed to track each individual member’s progress in meeting MOC requirements and issue reminders to participants who fall behind, thus averting potentially inconvenient situations at a later date.
While many data elements may be entered, MOC Team Tracker is expected to be especially useful for keeping current with state license information, CME and Self-Assessment CME (SA-CME) credits, Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) progress or completion, and fees. To ensure confidence in the process, diplomates will be notified by email, and the next time they log in to myABR, of any changes made to their accounts.
Each participant in MOC Team Tracker must personally sign in to his or her myABR account at least once yearly to verify that attestations and updates have been entered and that all information is correct. Please note that lifetime certificate holders who are not participating in MOC must first enroll before they can use MOC Team Tracker. For more information, call (520) 790-2900 or email

How Does a Group Get Started?

  1. First, the primary group contact should email MOC Team Tracker support at to notify the ABR that the group wants to participate.
  2. MOC Team Tracker support will send a link to the application form, which the primary group contact will fill out and submit to the ABR, along with a signed agreement. During the application process, the primary group contact will be asked to assign an Organization Manager, as well as upload a list of eligible participants. Once you have submitted the application, please allow five business days for ABR staff to set up your MOC TeamTracker account.
  3. MOC Team Tracker support will create an MOC Team Tracker account for the group and will add ABR diplomates (from the list of eligible participants) to the account. All ABR diplomates in the group’s account will receive an email with instructions on how to opt in to MOC Team Tracker on myABR.
  4. The appointed Organization Manager will receive an email with log-in instructions and information about how to set up one or more Group Practice Administrators (GPAs).
  5. After logging on to MOC Team Tracker, the Organization Manager will add one or more GPAs.
  6. Each designated GPA will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to MOC Team Tracker.
  7. The Organization Manager will assign ABR diplomates to each designated GPA.
  8. After each ABR diplomate has opted in and has been assigned to a designated GPA, that GPA may log in and begin managing the ABR diplomate’s MOC activities.
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