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Initial Certification



Medical Physics

Scoring and Results

Initial Qualifying Exam Scoring

When exams are scored, the ABR Psychometrics Division analyzes each question. Any questions with unusual statistics are reviewed by subject-matter experts to verify that they are unambiguous and keyed correctly (for example, questions that proved to be extremely difficult and questions that low-scoring candidates answered correctly more frequently than high-scoring candidates). The Difficulty for each question (the total percentage of examinees answering the question correctly) and the Discrimination for each question (how well a question discriminates between the upper and lower groups of examinees in the total exam) are also evaluated.

A statistical analysis of the total examination is prepared and evaluated, using a coefficient factor of reliability that judges the overall quality of the examination. Thus, it is possible to determine a given examination's degree of reliability and to use this information in preparing subsequent examinations.


Part 1

Candidates who fail both the General and Clinical portions of the Part 1 exam must repeat the entire Part 1 exam at the next annual exam.

  • If you passed General only, you must retake Clinical only.
  • If you passed Clinical only and failed General, you must retake all of Part 1.

Part 2

Candidates who fail a Part 2 exam must re-take the Part 2 exam at the next annual exam.

The pass/fail results for the Part 1 and Part 2 exams are posted in each candidate's myABR account approximately four to six weeks after the last day of the exams. Candidates will receive an email when results have been posted. "Next steps" letters also will be received within three weeks after the results are posted on myABR.

During this time period, do not request scores by email, fax, or any other method. If you have not received your results within six weeks after the exam, you may contact the ABR office.

"Next steps" letters for the oral examinations are posted approximately three to four weeks after the examination results are posted on the candidate's myABR account.

Oral Exam - Feedback Request

  1. The deadline for requesting feedback is 60 days after the date your results were posted for your review.
  2. The fee for feedback is $150 for full and/or conditioned exams. You must pay by credit card. Please note that due to security issues, the ABR cannot accept credit card forms by email.
  3. You must submit your request in writing by mail or fax:
    • Mail: 5441 E. Williams Circle
      Tucson AZ 85711-7412
    • Fax: (520) 790-3200
  4. Results will be sent to you by email. Please allow four to six weeks for the ABR's response.

Exam Results for Physicists

Part 1 - General

First Time Takers Enrolled in a CAMPEP Program
Exam % Fail % Pass Total
2013 13.80% 86.20% 384
2014 29.61% 70.39% 152
2015 26.60% 73.40% 192


Part 1 - Clinical

First Time Takers Enrolled in a CAMPEP Program
Exam % Fail % Pass Total
2013 22.96% 77.04% 379
2014 25.17% 74.83% 151
2015 27.10% 72.90% 192


Part 2

CAMPEP - First Time Takers
Exam % Fail % Pass Total
2013 22.45% 77.55% 49
2014 25.40% 74.60% 63
2015 19.60% 80.40% 183


Oral Examination

First Time Takers
Exam % Conditioned % Fail % Pass Total
2014 12.40% 22.31% 65.29% 242
2015 13.00% 12.00% 74.00% 195
2016 12.00% 27.00% 60.00% 254