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Medical Physics

Condition Results


Computer-Based Examinations

Part 1 consists of two exams: General and Clinical. After you have taken both exams:

  • If you passed General only, you must retake Clinical only.
  • If you passed Clinical only, you must retake all of Part 1.

Part 2 consists of three exams, covering the three specialties.

You must complete certification in one specialty before you can begin the process in another specialty.

The three exams are:

  • Diagnostic Medical Physics
  • Nuclear Medical Physics
  • Therapeutic Medical Physics

You cannot condition the Part 2 exam. If you do not pass, you must retake the exam.


Oral Examination

You must pass all of Part 1 and your chosen exam(s) in Part 2 to go on to Part 3, the oral exam.

If you fail one category (of the five categories on the Part 3 exam), you will have "conditioned" the exam and must retake the failed category. The time and place of the conditioned exam will be outlined in the "next steps" communication from the ABR. You will be examined by two examiners in the conditioned category. The two exam periods are about 30 minutes in length and each examiner will usually ask five questions. Thus you will have to answer 10 questions in the category in which you conditioned. The questions that are asked are similar to those on the original examination and are taken from the same pool. The scoring criteria are the same. You must receive passing scores from both examiners to remove the condition. If the condition is removed, you will be board certified. If you do not remove the condition, you will remain in the conditioned status and can continue to take the conditioned examination until your board eligibility status expires.



As part of our efforts to improve the certification process, the ABR has replaced the three “opportunities” for examination participation per application with time limits for board eligibility. This gives candidates more flexibility in managing their examination process. 

According to the ABR’s Board Eligibility Policy, enacted in 2012, candidate applications will no longer expire due to a limited number of opportunities to take exams. Instead, candidates may continue the certification process throughout their board eligibility period.


As a result of the recently created Board Eligibility Policy, candidates who successfully reregister (as well as those currently in the certification process) will continue the examination process at their highest level of previous completion. For example, if you previously passed Part 1 and Part 2, you would be eligible to take the Oral exam.

Anyone who does reapply to continue the certification process during their board eligibility period may submit that re-registration at any time. However, for a candidate to be considered for an exam in any given year, the reregistration form must be submitted to the ABR at least six months before the date of the examination to allow sufficient time for processing and exam planning.