Maintenance of Certification for Medical Physics

The OLA Pilot

Last verified on March 26, 2018

Thank You to All who Completed the Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) Pilot Participation Interest Survey!

We have reached capacity for the number of OLA pilot participants, so we have closed the Interest Survey. We greatly appreciate the willingness of so many ABR diplomates to participate in OLA pilot testing. If further opportunities become available, we will notify you.
If you have already completed and submitted the Interest Survey, we will contact you soon by email regarding your next steps.  

I submitted an Interest Form. Are there any requirements for participating in OLA pilot testing?

You must be an ABR diplomate, be enrolled in MOC, and have access to a computer and the internet from any location. You must also sign a short Nondisclosure Form (online) before you can be eligible for selection. You will receive an email about this in early March.  

How will the pilot work?

Pilot participants will test OLA software and workflow over a period of no more than six months. Some participants will be in shorter, more focused pilots. Pilot content will be focused on diagnostic radiology, but diplomates from all ABR specialties will participate.  

What devices, browsers, and operating systems will be tested during the pilot?

We will be testing OLA on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. The minimum display resolution on these devices should be 1024 x 768. Browsers supported during the pilot include Chrome 35, Firefox 40, Safari 11, and Edge 14. We recently determined that more than 82 percent of ABR website users viewed the site in one of these four browsers. Preferred operating systems include Windows 10, iOS 10, and Android 6. Please note that OLA may work with other devices, browsers, and operating systems, but we will not develop software or test for performance on them.  

What is the time commitment?

Participants can expect to spend approximately four to five hours in their first month, and an average of two to three hours per month after that. All will be required, at minimum, to participate in an introductory webinar, complete all requested pilot activities, and respond to requests for pilot feedback.  

What’s my next step?

If you filled out an Interest Form before the survey was closed, you will receive an email soon regarding your next steps. Note that participation will be limited based on the ABR’s predetermined testing needs and random selection. Therefore, not every diplomate who has completed the participation interest survey will be selected.