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Diplomates who hold TIME-LIMITED certificates, and those with CONTINUOUS certificates issued in 2012 and thereafter (with no "valid-through" dates), are automatically enrolled in the MOC program when they attain initial certification, and may start participating immediately.

Diplomates who hold LIFETIME certificates must voluntarily enroll in the program to begin the MOC process. Click here for more information.

The ABR believes in the value of Maintenance of Certification. All ABR volunteers, including governors and trustees, participate in MOC.


A summary of the six competencies and four parts of Maintenance of Certification can be found hereTo view MOC participation and attestation guidelines, as well as video instructions for making your annual MOC attestation, click hereThe Continuous Certification Policy provides detailed guidelines used to evaluate acceptable participation.

A brochure on MOC for Radiation Oncology is available here.

All diplomates should keep the ABR apprised of any change in contact information or licensure.