Volunteer for Diagnostic Radiology

Volunteering for the ABR

Last verified on October 5, 2021

Benefits of Volunteering

Our commitment is for ABR certification to reflect the ongoing changes in medicine while remaining a respected and credible exercise of professional self-regulation. You can choose from many opportunities to contribute to the future of your specialty.
Benefits include time to network and work with friends, opportunities to move into other volunteer roles, and, most importantly, the satisfaction that comes from making a positive impact on the future of diagnostic radiology.  

Volunteer Opportunities and Requirements

Volunteers must be certified by the ABR and meet requirements of the MOC program. For details on volunteer opportunities and other requirements, please see the ABR Volunteer Handbook.  

How to Apply

To apply, please log in to myABR and click on the volunteer tab.  

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Photographs of Diagnostic Radiology Volunteers

January 2020 DR OLA MSK Committee
Clockwise, from left: Robert K. Gelczer, MD; Kristi Jenkins (Editor); Chelsea Starke (OLA Exam Developer); Heather Benson (OLA Exam Developer); Jon Jacobson, MD (Chair); Catherine Roberts, MD; Naveen Subhas, MD. Not pictured: Donald Flemming, MD (Trustee); Pierre Pelletier, MD; Eric England, MD; Hyo-Jeong Mulcahy, MD; David Strauss, MD; Diego Lemos, MD; Jonelle Thomas, MD; Albert Song, MD; Devon Klein, MD; Aaron Wyse, MD; Amy Oliveira, MD; Eric Walker, MD; Elaine Gould, MD.
January 2020 DR Certifying Ultrasound Committee
Left to right: Mark Lockhart, MD; Kanupriya Vijay, MD; Leslie Scoutt, MD (Chair); Nadia Khati, MD; Anyalisa Samaniego (Exam Developer); Amaris Castellanos (Exam Developer). Not pictured: Howard Heller, MD; Kathryn Robinson, MD; Maitraya Patel, MD; Tara Morgan, MD; Ashish Wasnik, MBBS, MD; Elizabeth Asch, MD; Desiree Morgan, MD (Trustee).
November 2019 DR Certifying Physics Committee
Left to right: Joseph Rakowski, PhD; Johnathan Huang, PhD; Kai Yang, PhD; Mark Rzeszotarski, PhD (Chair); Terri New (Exam Developer); Robert Pooley, PhD (Trustee); Janet Feng, PhD; Raja Muthupillai, PhD; Lei Qin, PhD.
August 2019 DR Core Cardiac Committee
Left to right: Elizabeth Lee, MD; Cameron Hassani, MD; Christopher Walker, MD; Prachi A. Agarwal, MD (Chair); Jim Raptis, MD; and Tony Lin, MD.
September 2019 DR Core Repro-Endo Committee
Front row, left to right: Katherine E. Maturen, MD; Lisa P. Jones, MD (Chair); and Courtney A. Woodfield, MD. Back row, left to right: Kira Melamud, MD; and Carla B. Harmath, MD.
August 2019 DR Core GI Committee
Left to right: Amaris Castellanos (Exam Developer); Matthew A. Morgan, MD; Kathryn J. Fowler, MD; Motoyo Yano, MD; Ashok K. Gupta, MD (Chair); Caroline R. Taylor, MD; Erik V. Soloff, MD; and Anyalisa Samaniego (Exam Developer).
August 2019 DR Core Breast Committee
Left to right: Stephanie K. Patterson, MD; Emily L. Sedgwick, MD (Chair); Brandi T. Nicholson, MD; Heather I. Greenwood, MD; Tamara Ortiz-Perez, MD; and Deborah A. Cunningham, MD.
August 2019 DR Core IR Committee
Left to right: Rakesh C. Navuluri, MD; F. Scott Nowakowski, MD; Jennifer E. Gould, MD (Chair); Bianka Flannagan (Exam Developer); and Sidhartha O. Tavri, MB, BS.
September 2019 DR Core Neuro Committee
Left to right: Sukhwinder J. S. Sandhu, MD; Ashok Srinivasan, MD (Chair); Bruno P. Soares, MD; Sugoto Mukherjee, MD; and Christopher P. Wood, MD (Trustee).
September 2019 DR Core Physics Committee
Back row, left to right: Zhengfeng Lu, PhD; Andreea C. Dohatcu, PhD; Samuel L. Brady, PhD; David W. Jordan, PhD; Robert A. Pooley, PhD; and David A. Zamora, MS. Middle row, left to right: Jie Zhang, PhD; Jerry D. Allison, PhD (Trustee); Mary S. Newell, MD (Trustee); Karen L. Brown, MS (Chair); Front row, seated left to right: Timothy P. Szczykutowicz, PhD; Terri New (Exam Developer); Matthew R. Palmer, PhD; Casey Sankey (Exam Developer); and G. Donald Frey, PhD (Trustee).