Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Initial Certification

Last verified on December 18, 2023
Initial certification is offered in three specialties of medical physics: therapeutic medical physics, diagnostic medical physics, and nuclear medical physics.
A certificate will be issued to each candidate who has met the training requirements specified by the Board and passed the computer-based exams (Part 1 and Part 2) and the Part 3 (oral/certifying) exam, thus demonstrating an adequate level of knowledge and ability in medical physics in accordance with the definition in the bylaws, policies, and procedures of the American Board of Radiology.  

Recognition of Successful Candidates

Successful ABR candidates are awarded a continuous ABR specialty certificate in medical physics.  

Continuing Certification (MOC)

Continuous certification in medical physics is contingent upon meeting the requirements of the ABR’s Continuing Certification (MOC) program. For Continuing Certification (MOC) program details, please see the medical physics Continuing Certification page.
Questions related to any board certification issues can be addressed to or by calling 520-790-2900.