Volunteer for Radiation Oncology

Volunteering for the ABR

Last verified on August 5, 2022

Benefits of Volunteering

Our commitment is for ABR certification to reflect the ongoing changes in medicine while remaining a respected and credible exercise of professional self-regulation. You can choose from many opportunities to contribute to the future of your specialty.
Benefits include time to network and work with friends, opportunities to move into other volunteer roles, and, most importantly, the satisfaction that comes from making a positive impact on the future of radiation oncology.  

Volunteer Opportunities and Requirements

Volunteers must be certified by the ABR and meet requirements of the MOC program. For details on volunteer opportunities and other requirements, please see the ABR Volunteer Handbook.  

How to Apply

To apply, please log in to myABR and click on the volunteer tab.  

More Information for ABR Volunteers


Photographs of Radiation Oncology Volunteers

February 2020 RO Oral HNS Committee
From left to right: Sung Kim, MD; Carrie Olson (Multimedia Processing Specialist); Steven Frank, MD (Chair); Laura Freedman, MD; Samir Patel, MD; Thomas Galloway, MD. Not pictured: Brian Davis, MD, PhD (Trustee); Bhishamjit Chera, MD; Kathryn Greven, MD; Kenneth Hu, MD; Alan Monroe, MD; Minh Tam Truong, MB BS.
January 2020 RO Oral GYN Committee
Left to right: Julie Howell (Multimedia Processing Specialist); David Gaffney, PhD, MD; Ivy Petersen, MD; Matthew Harkenrider, MD; Shruti Jolly, MD; Cathryn Yashar, MD (Chair); Mitchell Kamrava, MD. Not pictured: Shari Damast, MD; Gita Suneja, MD; Raquel Wagman, MD; Patricia Hardenbergh, MD (Trustee).
January 2020 RO Physics Committee
From left to right, back row: Matthew B. Podgorsak, PhD (Trustee); Ning Yue, PhD; Jay Burmeister, PhD (Chair); Thomas Niedermayr, PhD; Jiajian Shen, PhD. Front row: Amaris Castellanos (Exam Developer); Jean Peng, PhD; Anya Samaniego (Exam Developer); Leonard Kim, MS. Not pictured: Ying Xaio, PhD; Zhou Wang, PhD; Julianne Pollard, PhD; Michael Snyder, PhD.
March 2019 RO Test Assembly Meeting
December 2018 RO Oral GU Committee
Left to right around table, starting with front center: Michael E. Ray, MD, PhD; Seth A. Rosenthal, MD; Brian J. Davis, MD, PhD (Trustee); Stanley L. Liauw, MD; Elena Luevano (Multimedia Processing Specialist); Howard M. Sandler, MD (Chair); Neha Vapiwala, MD; and Mark K. Buyyounouski, MD.
February 2019 RO Lung/Sarcoma Committee
Left to right: Jing Zeng, MD; Roy H. Decker, MD, PhD; Julie Howell (Multimedia Processing Specialist); Michael C. Dobelbower, MD; Percy P. Lee, MD; and Larry L. Kestin, MD (Chair).
December 2018 RO Oral GI Committee
Left to right: Theodore S. Hong, MD; Prajnan Das, MD; Andre A. Konski, MD; Salma K. Jabbour, MD; Dago Esquer (Lead Multimedia Processing Specialist); Michael G. Haddock, MD (Chair); and Joseph M. Herman, MD.