Initial Certification for Radiation Oncology

Initial Certification

Last verified on December 18, 2023
As candidates progress through their residency and after completion of training, they will take two exams to gain initial certification in radiation oncology: the computer-based Qualifying Exam and the oral Certifying Exam.  

The Exams

The computer-based Qualifying Exam consists of three individual parts:
1) Medical Physics for Radiation Oncology
2) Radiation and Cancer Biology
3) Clinical Radiation Oncology
Eligible candidates can take the oral Certifying Exam in the calendar year following  completion of training if they have passed all individual parts of the Qualifying Exam.
Please see the Radiation Oncology Calendar for future exam dates.

Recognition and Continuing Certification (MOC)

Recognition of Successful Candidates

Successful ABR candidates are awarded a continuous ABR specialty certificate in radiation oncology.

Continuing Certification (MOC)

Continuous certification in radiation oncology is contingent upon meeting the requirements of the ABR’s Continuing Certification (MOC) program. For Continuing Certification (MOC) program details, please see the radiation oncology Continuing Certification page.
Questions related to these or other board certification issues can be addressed to or by calling 520-790-2900.