Continuing Certification for Interventional Radiology

Continuing Certification

Last verified on January 25, 2024

Continuing Certification (MOC)-at-a-Glance

A brochure on Continuing Certification (MOC) is available here.    


Continuing Certification (MOC) is an integral part of the quality movement in healthcare. Patients, your physician peers, and your colleagues all value Continuing Certification (MOC) because it demonstrates your support for continuous quality improvement, professional development, and quality patient care. The ABR believes in the value of Continuing Certification (MOC). Therefore, all ABR volunteers, including governors and trustees, are required to participate in Continuing Certification (MOC).

Every diplomate electing to participate in the Continuing Certification (MOC) program is expected to meet all requirements as listed below. The four parts of Continuing Certification (MOC) are:

Part 1: Professionalism and Professional Standing
Part 2: Lifelong Learning
Part 3: Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills
Part 4: Improvement in Medical Practice

Certification status and Continuing Certification (MOC) participation are reported publicly on the ABMS website as well as on the Verify Board Certification Status section of the ABR website.


Who Participates in Continuing Certification (MOC)?

Diplomates with CONTINUOUS certificates issued in 2012 and thereafter are automatically enrolled in the Continuing Certification (MOC) program when they attain initial certification and may start participating immediately.

Diplomates who hold LIFETIME certificates may voluntarily enroll in the program to begin the Continuing Certification (MOC) process. Enrollment can be completed by logging in to myABR.

Diplomate with expired TIME-LIMITED certificates can enroll in Continuing Certification (MOC) and will be issued a continuous certificate after completing all enrollment requirements.


Diplomates with Subspecialty Certification

Diplomates with a SUBSPECIALTY certificate in neuroradiology, nuclear radiology, pain medicine, or pediatric radiology are automatically enrolled in the Continuing Certification (MOC) program and should start participating immediately.