Accommodations for Nursing and Expectant Mothers

Accommodations for Nursing and Expectant Mothers

Last verified on December 8, 2023

The ABR supports nursing and expectant mothers and makes accommodations in exam procedures for individuals making a request.

Nursing and expectant mothers may request modifications in the administration of an exam. To submit a request, please use the form provided below. For computer-based exams, please submit a request to the ABR no less than one week in advance of the exam date. For oral exams, to facilitate the scheduling process, please submit a request at least 12 weeks prior to the exam date, if possible. The ABR will make every effort to accommodate requests submitted less than 12 weeks prior to the exam date.

Typical accommodations include additional break time. After an accommodation request is submitted, ABR staff will follow up to inquire how we can best accommodate the candidate’s specific needs during the exam. Please review the sample application here to learn the submission requirements before beginning the Nursing/Expectant Mother Accommodations request below.

Nursing/Expectant Mother Accommodations Request