August 2022 MP Qualifying Therapy Committee

Front row: Casey Sankey (Exam Developer); Leah Schubert, PhD (Chair); Abigail Besemer, PhD; Byongyong Yi, PhD Back row: Jon Kruse, PhD; Steven Sutlief, PhD; Matthew Podgorsak, PhD (Trustee); Shyam Jani, PhD
Left, top to bottom: Tyler S. Fisher, MS; Thad A. Wilson, PhD; Courtney K. Morrison, PhD; Kalpana Kanal, PhD (Trustee). Right, top to bottom: Geoffrey Ibbott, PhD (Associate Executive Director); Ryan F. Fisher, PhD; Nick B. Bevins, PhD; Mistdeen Lopez (Exam Developer); Jesusita Ley (Exam Developer); Stephanie M. Leon, PhD (Chair)
Left to right: Carrie Olson (Multimedia Processing Specialist); Sonja Dieterich, PhD; Matthew Podgorsak, PhD (Chair, Trustee); Elena Luevano (Multimedia Processing Specialist); Richard Popple, PhD; Katja Langen, PhD; John Bayouth, PhD; Frank Ascoli, MS.
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