September 2017 Therapeutic Medical Physics Oral Committee

Left to right: Frank A. Ascoli, MS; Katja M. Langen, PhD; Lead Multimedia Processing Specialist Dagoberto Esquer; John E. Bayouth, PhD; Matthew B. Podgorsak, PhD (Chair and Trustee); Multimedia Processing Specialist Elena Luevano; Richard A. Popple, PhD; and Moyed M. Miften, PhD.
Front row (left to right): Tara M. Catanzano, MB, BCh; Raymond F. Carmody, MD; Jerry D. Allison, PhD (Trustee); Gary H. Danton, MD; Senta M.Berggruen, MD; Back row (left to right): Christian L. Carlson, MD; Phillip H. Kuo, MD; Todd R. Kumm, MD; Nupur Verma, MD; Exam Delivery Specialist Kira Karns; and Marco R. Molina,…
Left to right: David B. Larson, MD (Chair); Neville Irani, MD; Richard L. Duszak Jr., MD; Tessa S. Cook, MD; Robert E. Watson Jr., MD; Richard H. Cohan, MD; and Exam Developer Nubia Bernal.
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