From the Editor

From the Editor

New Beam Editor Looks Forward to Sharing ABR Updates and Perspectives

By Desiree E. Morgan, MD, ABR Governor, and Mary S. Newell, MD, ABR Associate Executive Director for Diagnostic Radiology


Welcome to the December 2023 edition of The Beam. It is my honor to be assuming editorial duties from Mimi Newell, a great mentor and friend to me at the ABR. I am excited to share updates of ABR processes, news and perspectives of our candidates and diplomates, and stories of our inspirational volunteers and enthusiastic staff. At the outset, I would like to thank everyone who works to produce The Beam every other month and invite you to contact me with any topics you’d enjoy seeing in upcoming issues.  

In this issue …

From the President

ABR President Robert M. Barr, MD, gives an update on upcoming refinements to the ABR web portal, myABR, and alerts us to minor changes in the Continuing Certification program.

From the Executive Director

ABR Administrative and Exam Support Manager Kinsey SmithWright and ABR Executive Director Brent Wagner, MD, MBA, review the successful ABR transition from in-person to fully remote exams and outline the steep (and continuous) learning curve involved, with recent and ongoing improvements.  

From the Board of Governors

ABR President Robert M. Barr, MD, President-elect Cheri L. Canon, MD, and Board of Trustees Chair Matthew B. Podgorsak, PhD, provide highlights of the recent ABR board retreat.

From the Board of Trustees

ABR Trustees Kalpana M. Kanal, PhD, and Stephen F. Simoneaux, MD; Board of Trustees Chair Matthew B. Podgorsak, PhD; and Associate Executive Directors Mary S. Newell, MD (Diagnostic Radiology), and Geoffrey S. Ibbott, PhD (Medical Physics), announce the search for new BOT members in diagnostic radiology (thoracic and nuclear radiology) as well as nuclear medical physics, and outline the responsibilities associated with the positions.

Focus on DR

ABR Governor Desiree Morgan, MD, notes how new volunteer opportunities will stem from the transition to the new DR Oral Exam, and provides a brief timeline overview.

Focus on RO

ABR Associate Executive Director for Radiation Oncology Michael Yunes, MD, reports on the concerning shortage of radiation therapists, its possible causes, and the need for both short- and long-term creative responses.

New Perspectives

Mallory Glenn, PhD, proud Diplomate of the ABR, conveys the long path toward board certification and the accompanying sense of gratification and accomplishment.

Volunteer Spotlight

ABR Communications Manager Rodney Campbell introduces us to Patrick Byrne, PhD, who brings the passion he has for his many other interests to his ABR volunteer work.

In Memoriam

The life of former ABR Trustee Robert D. Zimmerman, MD, is celebrated by close friend and colleague Eric Russell, MD.

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