Helping Patients Fills Their Hearts with Joy

Helping Patients Fills Their Hearts with Joy

Physicians and physicists enjoy their jobs for many reasons. On Valentine’s Day, a few share what they love about their work.

“I love many things about my job: the ability to help patients at a critical time in their lives, the complexity of oncologic decision-making, and the cool cutting-edge technology.”

Jennifer Bellon, MD
Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Jacob Bundy, MD, MPH
Jacob Bundy, MD, MPH

“I appreciate being a radiologist because when I was younger, I experienced firsthand the benefits of a timely diagnosis provided by diagnostic imaging that ultimately led to a successful image-guided intervention. This prompt diagnosis and treatment allowed me to continue pursuing my active lifestyle and hobbies. I became a radiologist to be able to provide the same high-quality care to my patients with the aim of allowing them to continue living their lives unimpeded.”

Jacob Bundy, MD, MPH
Resident, Wake Forest School of Medicine

“Valentine’s Day is very special to me, but not for the usual romantic reasons (well, that, too). I was appointed chair of UAB Radiology on a Valentine’s Day, and I could not work for a better team. When I am fortunate enough to work in the reading room and with patients, I am reminded why I chose this wonderful profession: because I love radiology.”

Cheri Canon, MD
University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Medicine

“I love my work because I’ve been able to watch mentors and trainees turn into friends. We’re always helping each other when faced with difficult cases and celebrating good calls. It’s also wonderful that I’m always learning from my colleagues, whether it relates to novel interventional techniques, imaging findings, or simply a new TV show to watch.”

Sara Hunter, MD
Cleveland Clinic

“The best part of my job is helping others see what the images reveal for patient care, while both teaching and learning with the next generation of neuroradiologists.”

Frank Minja, MD
Emory University Hospital

“My job as a medical physicist is incredibly rewarding. Every day I’m thankful for the people with whom I work and the imaging equipment we use, knowing that we are providing the best possible care for our patients. It’s humbling to be a part of this medical profession that provides such a positive impact on patient lives every day.”

Robert Pooley, PhD
Mayo Clinic

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