September 2019 DR OLA GU Committee

Left column, front to back: Venkata S. Katabathina, MB, BS; OLA Exam Developer Jennifer Postuma; Nabeel E. Sarwani, MD; Joseph G. Cernigliaro, MD; Gina K. Hesley, MD; and Thomas M. Dykes, MD (Chair). Right column, front to back: Martha G. Jensen-Menchaca, MD; Katherine E. Maturen, MD; Priyanka Jha, MB, BS; Content Editor Amy Chap; OLA…
Clockwise from front left: Jesse L. Courtier, MD; Kristen B. Thomas, MD; Exam Services Coordinator Bailey Tinkle; Stephen E. Simoneaux, MD (Trustee); Edward Y. Lee, MD (Chair); Edward Yang, MD; OLA Exam Developer Chelsea Starke; and Cynthia K. Rigsby, MD. Not pictured: Mai-Lan Ho, MD and Kate A. Feinstein, MD.
Left row, bottom to top: Ekta Gupta, MD; Anna I. Holbrook, MD; Lisa V. Paulis, MD; and Mary S. Newell, MD (Trustee); Center row, bottom to top: OLA Exam Developer Chelsea Starke; Kimberly A. Fitzpatrick, MD; and Michelle L. Dorsey, MD; Right row, bottom to top: OLA Exam Developer Heather Benson; A. Nina Watson, MD;…
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