March 2018 RO Test Assembly Meeting

Clockwise from front: John C. Breneman, MD; Anuja Jhingran, MD; Alice Ho, MD (hidden); Iris C. Gibbs, MD; Pramilla Rani Anné, MD; Brian J. Davis, MD, PhD (Trustee); Patricia H. Hardenbergh, MD (Trustee); Kenneth E. Rosenzweig, MD; Lynn D. Wilson, MD (Trustee); Gary M. Freedman, MD; Jeff M. Michalski, MD; Omer L. Burnett III, MD;…
Left to right, standing: Amato Giaccia, PhD (Chair); Bruce F. Kimler, PhD; Exam Developer Yesenia Concepción, Exam Development Manager Bailey Tinkle; Left to right, sitting: John P. Murnane, PhD; Marc Mendonca, PhD, and Simon N. Powell, MB, BS.
Left to right: Catheryn M. Yashar, MD; David K. Gaffney, PhD, MD; Anuja Jhingran, MD (Co-chair); Sushil Beriwal, MB, BS; and Akila N. Viswanathan, MD (Co-chair.)
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