Certificate Verification FAQs

Certificate Verification FAQs

Last verified on July 31, 2019

How can I find out if a particular radiologist, radiation oncologist, or medical physicist is certified?

The ABR provides a free online searchable database to find and verify the status of ABR-certified individuals. The database can be accessed on the home page of the website (www.theabr.org) in the upper right corner (“Verify board certification status”).
The information provided on the ABR website is accurate, up to date, and solely provided by the ABR. It is considered a primary source verification.  

Can I print out an official verification letter from the ABR website?

Yes, you can easily print an ABR watermarked letter showing the status of each certificate, at no charge. After you enter a name and hit the search button in the “Verify board certification status” tool on the home page (www.theabr.org), the “Verify Board Certification Status” page will appear. Click on the “View/Print” icon in the upper right corner of the gray box, and the printable letter will appear.

How do I request a formal ABR certification letter?

Please click here.

Do you provide referrals?

No, the ABR does not give referrals.  

Can you give me any background on a particular radiologist?

We will only verify whether an individual is certified and in which specialty or subspecialty. If an individual is still in the exam process, the verification will include that information.  

Do you publish any mailing lists?

No, ABR data are kept confidential.