How to Request a Formal ABR Certification Letter

How to Request a Formal ABR Certification Letter

The ABR has a policy and process to request a formal certification letter, which is printed on linen paper and features a raised ABR seal.


Candidates in the Initial Certification Process:

If the physician or physicist is a candidate of the ABR (i.e., still in the certification process) or if his or her certification period has expired the letter will include:

  • Candidate’s ABR ID
  • Name and date of birth
  • Discipline in which the physician or physicist is or was seeking certification 
  • Board eligibility status:
    • Enrolled, not yet eligible for certification – from approved application until completion of training
    • Board eligible – currently not certified, eligible for certification through <<date>>
    • Not certified, not board eligible – after expiration of board-eligible period without attaining certification
  • Third-party requests will only include the candidate’s previous exam results if a signed release form is provided by the candidate

Certified Physicians/Diplomates of the ABR:

If the physician or physicist is a diplomate of the ABR (i.e., certified), the letter will be the same letter that is publicly available at no charge on our website: If a formal version of this information is needed, a letter can be requested as outlined below.


To request a formal verification letter, please complete the request located here.

The charge for a formal verification letter is as follows:

  • $30 for a self-verification (if requested by the candidate or diplomate)
  • $100 if requested by a third party

Once the submission has been received, a member of the ABR staff will create an invoice to be paid via PayPal. Please allow 3-5 business days for invoicing.