Maintenance of Certification for Radiation Oncology

MOC Exam (Traditional)

Last verified on June 19, 2017
The ABR’s practice-profiled MOC exam is modular, allowing diplomates to self-select a portion of their exam content most relevant to their practice. The exam has three modules:
  • One required module: Essentials of Radiation Oncology
  • Two Clinical Practice Area (CPA) modules selected by the diplomate
The Essentials of Radiation Oncology module has 140 questions. Twenty questions are dedicated to non-clinical skills (NCS), such as patient safety, bioethics, biostatistics, quality assurance, and professionalism. The remaining 120 questions are related to general radiation oncology. The two other exam modules (30 questions each) are based on the diplomate’s self-selected CPAs. Diplomates may select two modules in the same CPA, or in different CPAs. Modules available include Adult Central Nervous System, Breast, Gastrointestinal, General Radiation Oncology, Genitourinary, Gynecology, Head/Neck/Skin, Lung/Mediastinum, Lymphoma/Leukemia, and Pediatrics. This proctored exam is currently administered at Pearson VUE professional testing centers located in cities across the United States and Canada. Four hours are allotted for the exam. For more information on exam logistics, click here.

Exam Registration

To register for the radiation oncology MOC exam, you will first need to create your practice profile under the Cognitive Expertise section of myABR by clicking “Add Practice Profile.” After you have created your practice profile, you will receive an email confirmation of the modules you have selected, followed by a separate email with the next steps to register for the MOC exam. Please be sure to register early to have the best chance of getting a seat at the Pearson VUE site of your choice.

MOC Exam

Date Location/Registration Information
April 11, 2018
Exam Registration Deadline: February 28, 2018
Pearson VUE Testing Centers
Please Note: Only one Radiation Oncology MOC Exam will be offered in 2018.

Study Guides

Study Guide for the Radiation Oncology MOC Exam and a Syllabus for the Non-clinical Skills (NCS) material are available. The majority of NCS questions will be taken from the material covered in this syllabus.

American Joint Commission on Cancer (AJCC) Staging

In all instances where questions relate to disease staging of contemporaneous cases or hypothetical situations, the correct staging system will be the most current as published by the AJCC (at this time, Ed. 8, dated 10/2016). In instances where questions refer to previously reported clinical trials, staging will relate to the system in place at the time of the specific report.


Exam Details

On exam day, the diplomate scheduled to participate in the exam according to ABR records must confirm his or her identity by presenting a valid government-issued photo I.D. and also may be identified through biometric verification.

Exam Results

Exam results will be posted on myABR approximately four to six weeks after the exam. An email will be sent when the results have been posted.

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