Maintenance of Certification for Radiation Oncology

MOC Fees

Last verified on June 20, 2017

Annual Fee

The current MOC annual fee for radiation oncology is $340.

What Do MOC Annual Fees Cover?

MOC annual fees cover ABR services related to all four parts of the MOC program, including the staff and infrastructure required for development and ongoing services. The fees also cover the following services:

  • ABR Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) for MOC Part 3. No additional fees will be charged for OLA.
  • Development and administration of OLA
  • Individual password-protected myABR accounts
  • Informational resources, including websites and staff to answer your questions about any part of the MOC process
  • Annual - or more - contact from the ABR to help you understand program requirements and where you stand in meeting your requirements
  • The ABR's partnership with societies in qualifying appropriate self-assessment modules (SAMs) and practice quality improvement (PQI) projects

Payment for all annual fees must be submitted online via myABR. MOC annual fees are nonrefundable.

If you have questions regarding MOC fees, please call the ABR at (520) 790-2900 or send an email to

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