It’s Also the Season for Professional Gratitude

It’s Also the Season for Professional Gratitude

Thanksgiving is here and we all have many reasons to be grateful for things in our professional lives. We asked a few candidates and stakeholders for their thoughts this month, as we did with residents last year, and here’s what they had to say.


Puneet Bhargava, MD

University of Washington Professor of Radiology and Associate Professor of Body Imaging

“I’m deeply thankful for my incredible colleagues at the University of Washington, whose knowledge, dedication, and passion inspire me every day. I feel blessed to be collaborating with my trainees on several practical and impactful projects to help improve wellness in our fast-paced work environment. I also value the inclusive work environment and opportunities for professional growth that have been presented to me this year. Finally, I am thankful for the resilience we all demonstrated in navigating through the challenges posed by the recent pandemic and feel privileged to be in radiology during these exciting times.”

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Anne Covey, MD

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Attending Member; Weill Cornell Medical Center Professor of Radiology

“As the holiday season approaches, I know I have a lot to be grateful for. In addition to the love of my family and good health, I am so grateful that my career path led me to interventional radiology. As an interventional radiologist, I have the honor and privilege to help patients with cancer in their times of need, sometimes by treating the cancer itself and at others by providing effective palliation of a debilitating symptom. Now almost 25 years into my career, I still have the good fortune to learn something each and every day – sometimes from the literature, sometimes from colleagues and most often from patients. Patients have taught me many lessons that make me a better doctor and a better person, and I am indebted to all of them. Among the lessons learned I consider most important are how to really listen to others, that a positive attitude really does improve outcome, and most importantly not to sweat the small stuff.”

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Dwight Heron, MD

Bon Secours Mercy Health System Medical Director for Growth and Innovation for the Oncology Service Line; Mercy St. Elizabeth-Youngstown Director of the Radiosurgery Program

“Each Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the richness of the incredible team of cancer care and medical specialists and support staff who tirelessly work to reduce the burden of cancer. I am inspired not only by my colleagues, but equally by the patients we serve who continuously uplift us as we do them. They reinforce our mission and purpose on a daily basis. They remind us of the amazing powers of empathy, kindness, and compassion.”




Sara Hunter, MD

Cleveland Clinic Diagnostic Radiologist

“I have many things to be thankful for at the Clinic. From the techs and nurses, who provide laughs and unexpected insights in their day-to-day updates, to my colleagues, who offer wisdom and guidance on difficult cases or tough clinical scenarios, to my chair, whose tireless commitment to our caretakers allows me to balance my time between work and life with my family. This time of year provides a special opportunity for me to fully reflect and share all these things for which I am thankful. Also, it seems that often this gratitude and joy is therapeutic in a manner unique from medical therapies or surgeries.”

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David Jordan, PhD

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Chief Medical Physicist; Case Western Reserve University Associate Professor

“I’m thankful for my colleagues in radiology at University Hospitals. They are great role models of dedication to patients and a lot of fun to come to work with every day. My high esteem for them pushes me to do a better job supporting them, and it makes my day when I have the chance to solve a problem or make someone’s work faster, easier, or better. Our organization has faced a lot of challenges and surely will face many more, and I’m proud and grateful to confront those alongside this great team.”

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Michael LeCompte, MD

Johns Hopkins Radiation Oncology Resident

“I am grateful for the people I get to work with every day. Within a truly multidisciplinary approach to cancer care at Johns Hopkins, I am thankful for exceptional teaching and mentorship by faculty both within and outside of the radiation oncology department. These collaborative efforts cultivate an environment where true passions — whether standard research approaches or less traditional interests such as leadership development, health policy, or bioethics — may be pursued. That said, I am most thankful for my colleagues within the resident room. It is an honor to get to work every day alongside those I know will be lifelong friends.”

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