More Questions Answered About OLA

More Questions Answered About OLA

Diagnostic radiology diplomates and those maintaining DR subspecialty certificates have answered more than 800,000 Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) questions this year. More than 40 percent of participating diplomates have already met their annual progress requirement. OLA, a new way to satisfy Part 3 of Maintenance of Certification (MOC), is widely being accepted as an excellent alternative to the traditional MOC exam that requires study, travel, and time away from work.

While our OLA web page has a wide-ranging FAQs section, our certification services team is always ready to field diplomate queries. Everyone’s experience with OLA is unique and the system’s flexibility sometimes raises questions. The following are some of the most commonly asked over the past few weeks.

When will I have my first OLA performance review?

Diplomates will have their first review the March after they have answered 200 questions per certificate maintained. There are a few exceptions; more information can be found in the FAQs. Diplomates then will have reviews performed every March based on the most recent 200 questions they have answered.

When will I know how I’m doing?

ABR staff is working on a performance display for the OLA dashboard that will show diplomates how they are faring in relation to their passing standard. The feature will go through pilot testing and should be available by the end of the year.

How many questions do I have to answer correctly?

There is no set number of correct answers that ensures diplomates meet or exceed the passing standard. Each passing standard is unique to the practice profile chosen by individual diplomates.

How long do I need to participate in OLA?

OLA is a continuous assessment in which diplomates involved in MOC will participate every year throughout their careers.

What if I’m required to be in MOC but don’t want to participate in OLA?

Diplomates have the option to take the traditional MOC exam every five years. Those who wish to opt out of OLA and take the exam should contact us at

I’ve met my annual requirement. What happens now? 

Diplomates have two options: Take a break or keep going. Those who take a break won’t need to start participating again until 2020. Those who keep going won’t be penalized but will reach the 200-question performance evaluation more quickly.

When does OLA start for interventional radiology, medical physics, and radiation oncology diplomates?

Participation begins January 6 for those disciplines. Just like diagnostic radiology diplomates last year, new participants will have a pre-launch period beginning November 4 that will allow them to gain familiarity with the system. There also will be a series of webinars the week of November 11; more information on those sessions will be available soon.

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