From the Editor

From the Editor

Fall Board Meeting Brings Transitions, Including Beam Editor

By J. Anthony Seibert, PhD, ABR Governor


We are approaching the fall meeting of the American Board of Radiology, which marks the beginning and ending appointments for volunteers serving on the Board of Governors (BOG) and the Board of Trustees (BOT). This year’s meeting is particularly relevant for me, as I am ending my time as a board member and as editor of The Beam. My participation as a volunteer for the ABR began in 1994, when I was an item writer for the Part 2 Certifying Exam in Diagnostic Medical Physics (DMP), and continued through many different committees, exam assembly meetings, and oral exams over nearly three decades. In 2013, I was selected as a trustee with the DMP portfolio and served in that capacity for four years. In the middle of my first term, the Board split into the BOT and BOG, and in 2017, I was asked to join the BOG to fill the spot vacated by Geoff Ibbott, now our associate executive director (AED) for medical physics.

At the same time, I was also asked to become editor of The Beam, as trustee and editor Lane Donnelly rotated off the Board. Initially feeling a bit overwhelmed, I was welcomed by ABR communications staff and greatly assisted in getting up to speed. Many changes were implemented over the first year, including converting from three issues per year to six, and ultimately establishing the “Beam team” consisting of myself, Heather Hopkins, David Short, David Laszakovits, Rodney Campbell, and Brent Wagner. It is now with great confidence that I turn over the editorship of The Beam to my friend and colleague on the BOG, Mimi Newell. She has a great perspective on the ABR through her time on the BOT and BOG and is currently serving on the American Board of Medical Specialties Committee on Continuing Certification. Her insights and creativity will provide a different perspective on content in The Beam, while still providing the readership important news, guidance, and directives of the ABR, in addition to timely announcements – a great reason for you to look forward to each future publication. I certainly will be!

In this edition of The Beam, ABR President Vince Mathews reminisces about his long-term volunteer commitment to the ABR and his two-year term as president, which ends at the completion of the ABR fall board meeting in September. Thank you for your service to the ABR, Vince! Trustee Desiree Morgan and Executive Director Brent Wagner describe progress on the call for stakeholder comments regarding Diagnostic Radiology Initial Certification, seeking feedback on the DR Qualifying (Core) and Certifying exams. From the Board of Governors, President-elect Bob Barr discusses the duties of BOG members in a YouTube video. From the Board of Trustees, Don Flemming looks back at his time as chair of the BOT and describes its unique position in ABR governance as the bridge between the BOT and BOG. Don will continue to serve on the BOG in the coming years, and Matt Podgorsak, senior medical physics trustee will assume the position of chair – congratulations to Don and Matt!

From the disciplines, Reed Dunnick, AED for diagnostic radiology, reviews the process of selecting ABR volunteers. Interventional radiology resident Shelby Franz shares her experiences attending professional conferences and courses, and the rewards that are gained during training. Paul Wallner, AED for radiation oncology; Brian Davis, ABR trustee for radiation oncology; and Anthony Gerdeman, ABR director of exam services, discuss the methodology for determining content for items and new content development for Radiation Oncology Qualifying and Certifying exams. From medical physics, ABR trustee Kalpana Kanal and colleagues review the ABMS/ACGME six core competencies for Initial Certification and provide specific MP examples of activities meeting the standards.

In the New Perspectives column, ABR diplomates Christine Cooley, MD, and Carolynn DeBenedictus, MD, evaluate the initiation of the ABR Residency Leave Policy and highlight the flexibility provided to residents and program directors through recent personal testimonials. In the Volunteer Spotlight, ABR Communications Manager Rodney Campbell interviews Drew Caplin, MD, an interventional radiology program director, regarding his experience as an ABR volunteer and his view of the processes involved in Qualifying (Core) and Certifying (Oral) exams.

As the year is more than half over, do not pass up the OLA tips and reminders article – timely advice is included for those participating in OLA and working toward their annual progress requirement.  

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Beam. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions on previous, present, and future articles at Finally, please give a hearty welcome to Mimi Newell as the incoming editor – I wish her the best.

Cheers and a fond farewell!


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