Meet our Board of Trustees for About Us

Board of Trustees 2017-2018

Diagnostic Radiology

Sanjeev Bhalla, MD
Cardiothoracic Imaging
St. Louis, Missouri
Donald P. Frush, MD
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Pediatric Radiology
Durham, North Carolina
Cheri L. Canon, MD
Abdominal Imaging
Birmingham, Alabama
Mary S. Newell, MD
Breast Imaging
Atlanta, Georgia
Lane F. Donnelly, MD
Quality and Safety
Palo Alto, California
M. Elizabeth Oates, MD
Nuclear Radiology
Lexington, Kentucky
Donald J. Flemming, MD
Musculoskeletal Radiology
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Christopher P. Wood, MD
Diagnostic Radiology/Neuroradiology
Rochester, Minnesota

Interventional Radiology

Anne M. Covey, MD
New York, New York
James B. Spies, MD, MPH
Potomac, Maryland
John A. Kaufman, MD, MS
Portland, Oregon

Radiation Oncology

Kaled M. Alektiar, MD
New York, New York
Patricia H. Hardenbergh, MD
Edwards, Colorado
Brian J. Davis, MD, PhD
Rochester, Minnesota
Lynn D. Wilson, MD, MPH
New Haven, Connecticut

Medical Physics

Jerry D. Allison, PhD
Nuclear Medical Physics
Augusta, Georgia
Matthew B. Podgorsak, PhD
Therapeutic Medical Physics
Buffalo, New York
Kalpana M. Kanal, PhD
Diagnostic Medical Physics
Seattle, Washington

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