ABR Bylaws for About Us

Bylaws of the American Board of Radiology

Approved April 18, 2016
Article I:
The name and title by which this Corporation shall be known, as stated by the Certificate of Incorporation, is The American Board of Radiology (“The ABR”).
RADIOLOGY is defined as that branch of medicine which encompasses the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of radiant energy and radiation safety as included in each of the disciplines specified below. Each discipline has unique training standards and certification processes.
DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY is that branch of radiology that utilizes a variety of diagnostic and image-guided therapeutic techniques, including all aspects of radiological diagnosis, nuclear radiology, diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, interventional procedures and the use of other forms of radiant energy.
RADIATION ONCOLOGY is that branch of radiology that utilizes ionizing radiation to treat patients with cancer and occasionally patients with diseases other than cancer.
MEDICAL PHYSICS is that branch of radiology that includes Therapeutic Medical Physics, Diagnostic Medical Physics and Nuclear Medical Physics.
INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY is that branch of radiology that diagnoses and treats diseases through expertise in diagnostic imaging and image-guided minimally invasive procedures. The evaluation and clinical management of patients with conditions amenable to these methods is integral to the discipline.
Objectives and Purposes
The objectives and purposes of this Corporation shall be as follows:
(a) To serve patients and the public by continuously promoting the competence of its diplomates;
(b) To improve the quality and safety of our disciplines through our requirements for primary and subspecialty certification;
(c) To create and conduct fair and valid examinations in our disciplines to evaluate accurately the qualifications of voluntary candidates for ABR certification;
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