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Certificate History

Last verified on January 23, 2024

Time-Limited Certificates

The ABR began issuing time-limited certificates in the following years:
Pediatric Radiology 1994
Vascular and Interventional Radiology 1994
Radiation Oncology 1995
Neuroradiology 1995
Nuclear Radiology 1999
Diagnostic Radiology 2002
Medical Physics 2002
Hospice and Palliative Medicine 2008
Pain Medicine 2016
In 2012, the ABR discontinued issuing 10-year certificates and began issuing continuous certificates. Continuous certificates do not have a “valid-through” date; instead, the date of initial certification is noted, accompanied by the statement that “ongoing validity of this certificate is contingent upon meeting the requirements of Maintenance of Certification.”  

Certificates with Name Changes

The ABR has changed the name of some certificates to reflect updated terminology; however, no changes were made in the processes and requirements previously in place for these certificates.
Radiation Oncology
In 1987, the ABR changed the name of Therapeutic Radiology to Radiation Oncology. Lifetime certificates issued under the name of Therapeutic Radiology are still valid.
Medical Physics:
In 2011, the ABR changed the name of Radiologic Physics to Medical Physics:
o   Therapeutic Medical Physics replaced Therapeutic Radiologic Physics.
o   Diagnostic Medical Physics replaced Diagnostic Radiologic Physics.
o   Nuclear Medical Physics replaced Medical Nuclear Physics.
Lifetime certificates issued under the name of Radiologic Physics are still valid.
Time-limited certificates issued under the name of Radiologic Physics are also still valid as long as the diplomate is meeting Continuing Certification (MOC) requirements.

Legacy Certificates

The following certificates, though still valid, are no longer offered by the American Board of Radiology. They were issued during the years indicated. Please note that these certificate names must be permanently updated to the current name(s) to be eligible for Continuing Certification (MOC).
Diagnostic Radiology with Special Competence in Nuclear Radiology 1973-1998
Diagnostic and Nuclear Medical Physics 1976-1998
Diagnostic Roentgenology 1934-1969
Nuclear Medicine 1955-1966
Radiologic Physics 1947-1997
General Radiology* 1934-1989
Radium Therapy 1934-1960
Roentgenology 1934-1961
Roentgen Ray & Gamma Ray Physics 1961-1975
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Medical Physics 1973-1997
Therapeutic and Nuclear Medical Physics 1976-1992
Vascular and Interventional Radiology (Diagnostic Radiology Subspecialty) 1994-2016
Therapeutic Roentgenology 1935-1954
X-Ray and Radium Physics 1947-1960
*Diplomates with a lifetime certificate in General Radiology are certified in both diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology.