ABR Advisory Committees

ABR Advisory Committees

Last verified on November 9, 2022

The ABR is committed to performance improvement. One critical pillar is gathering input from stakeholders to guide decisions to improve outcomes.

Recognizing the importance of broad input, each discipline under the ABR umbrella has established an advisory committee that provides feedback about the Initial Certification and Continuing Certification (MOC) processes. These committees are composed of non-board member volunteers who are directly affected by their discipline’s processes and meet frequently to discuss relevant issues.

The primary goal of the advisory committees is to improve communication between the ABR and its candidates and diplomates. We strongly believe that clear and transparent communication can improve the certification experience and reduce unnecessary stress. We have explored using contemporary methods of communication, including social networking and social media, and have developed tools to assess the effectiveness of proposed modifications in communication.

We look forward to further interactions with our advisory committees to achieve the mutual goals of stakeholder engagement, self-governance, communication of the value of ABR certification, patient protection, and public trust.  

Initial Certification (IC) Advisory Committees

Continuing Certification (MOC) Advisory Committees