Subspecialties for Diagnostic Radiology

Nuclear Radiology

Last verified on October 10, 2019
Only candidates who are specialty-certified in diagnostic radiology are eligible to be subspecialty-certified in nuclear radiology.

The Certificate

A board-certified nuclear radiologist is specialty-certified in diagnostic radiology (DR) or interventional radiology/diagnostic radiology (IR/DR) and has additional training and subspecialty certification in nuclear radiology. The ABR conducts computer-based exams to assess a candidate’s knowledge, problem-solving ability, and application of diagnostic and therapeutic skills to a degree worthy of the public's and the profession's trust. An individual certified in nuclear radiology is deemed capable of working in various sectors of the field safely and effectively, including use of unsealed byproduct material for which a written directive is required in accordance with 10 CFR.390.

Exam Breakdown and Timing

The Nuclear Radiology Subspecialty Exam is a one-day computer-based exam consisting of approximately 180 questions. Candidates making travel arrangements should plan for a minimum of 5 hours of exam time. Candidates will receive 30 minutes of break time for each exam.
For more details visit the Exam Breakdown and Timing page.