Continuing Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Available PQI Projects and Templates

Last verified on August 8, 2023
Type             Title Organization Date Qualified Abstract
Project CT Colonography Registry ACR 01/30/2008 N/A
Project Universal Protocol/ Procedural Pause RQ 2/21/2022 N/A
Template Lung CT: A Patient and Staff Training Program to Reduce Motion Artifacts RSNA 1/7/2009 N/A
Project RADPEER ACR 04/17/2009
Project National Mammography Database ACR 08/03/2009 N/A
Project Critical Results Reporting RQ 2/21/2022 N/A
Template Appropriate Management of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules Found on CT RSNA 6/18/2010 N/A
Template Communication of Significant Changes in Interpretation RSNA 6/18/2010 N/A
Template Efficacy of CT Enterography in the Detection of Active Inflammatory Crohn’s Disease of the Terminal Ileum RSNA 3/23/2011 N/A
Template Standardized Reporting of Lumbar Spine MRI Findings RSNA 3/23/2011 N/A
Template Utilization of Low Dose CT for Urinary Tract Stone CT RSNA 3/23/2011 N/A
Template Appropriate Use of Iodinated Contrast Materials in Thoracic CT RSNA 3/23/2011 N/A
Template Documenting the Presence of Coronary Artery Calcification in Routine Thoracic CT RSNA 4/20/2011 N/A
Project Dose Index Registry ACR 12/06/2011
Template Capturing Dose Indicators from Fluoroscopically Guided Interventions RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template Improving Outcomes for Patients with Acute Stroke Symptoms Through Structured Reporting of Brain CT and MRI RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template Standardized Reporting of Neck Adenopathy with the Accepted Nodal Classification Criteria RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template Reducing the Number of Inappropriate Babygrams Performed in the NICU RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template Standardized Reporting of CT Pulmonary Angiography for Acute Pulmonary Embolism RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template Appropriate Utilization of a Low Dose Chest CT Nodule Protocol RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template Utilization of Comparison to Prior Relevant Imaging Studies RSNA 8/24/2012 N/A
Template CT Dose Reduction in Abdominal CT Scanning RSNA 10/9/2012 N/A
Template Reader Performance in Evaluating Acute Appendicitis on Abdominal CT RSNA 10/9/2012 N/A
Template Reader Performance in Predicting Resectability for Abdominal Malignancy RSNA 10/9/2012 N/A
Template Reducing Unnecessary Scan Acquisition at Abdominal MRI RSNA 10/9/2012 N/A
Project GRID Registry ACR 2/11/2013
Project Improving Inclusion of Comparison Studies in Radiology Interpretations RQ 2/21/2022 N/A
Project Imaging Diagnosis vs. Gold Standard RQ 2/21/2022 N/A
Project MammoCoach MammoCoach 8/3/2015 N/A