Continuing Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Part 3: Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills

Last verified on December 18, 2023
Each maintained certificate has a Part 3 evaluation date on a rolling five-year cycle. To satisfy a Part 3 evaluation, a diplomate must meet or exceed their standard in a current cumulative (i.e., weekly) OLA score in year five (5) or pass a Continuing Certification Exam in year four (4) or five (5) of their Part 3 cycle.
If you need more information about the Continuing Certification Exam, please click here.

Overview of the OLA Process

Within OLA, diplomates create a practice profile of the subspecialty areas that most closely fit what they do in practice. They are provided two question opportunities each week, relevant to their selected practice profile. Question opportunities are available for four weeks to allow maximum diplomate flexibility.
After opening a question, diplomates are allowed a limited amount of time to answer the question and they learn immediately whether they answered correctly. In addition, they receive a brief rationale for the correct answer, as well as a reference.
OLA is designed to have minimal impact on a diplomate’s workday and requires no time away from work or travel expense. The potential for retesting areas of weakness provides a further opportunity for diplomates’ self-assessment of their professional growth.
For more information, please see OLA FAQs.