Maintenance of Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Part 3: Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills

Last verified on August 14, 2018
Part 3 requires passing the most recent summative decision for the Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) or having passed a traditional exam in the previous 5 years. In May 2016, the ABR announced its plans to move away from the 10-year exam to OLA
Those who needed to pass an MOC Exam by March 2, 2017, were still required to take and pass the exam in 2016 to meet the Part 3 requirement. All other diplomates in all the ABR’s disciplines have been deferred from completing the Part 3 until OLA is available in their discipline. (This does not include Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Pain Medicine subspecialties because those are administered by other boards.)
Individual diplomates can determine their need to take the current MOC exam by logging in to myABR.

Overview of the OLA Process

Within the OLA product, diplomates will create a practice profile of the subspecialty areas that most closely fit what they do in practice, as they previously did for the ABR’s modular MOC exams. They will be provided two question opportunities each week, relevant to their selected practice profile. Question opportunities will be available for four weeks to allow maximum diplomate flexibility.
After opening a question, diplomates will be allowed a limited amount of time to answer the question and they will learn immediately whether they answered correctly. In addition, they will receive a brief explanation of the correct answer, as well as a reference.
OLA is designed to have minimal impact on a diplomate’s workday and requires no time away from work or travel expense. The potential for retesting areas of weakness provides a further opportunity for diplomates’ self-assessment of their professional growth.


OLA will be available to all diagnostic radiology diplomates in early 2019. OLA for radiation oncology, medical physics and interventional radiology diplomates will follow in 2020.
To ensure their certificates remain valid, diplomates must continue meeting requirements for Parts 1, 2, and 4 of MOC and make their yearly attestations in myABR. The ABR will post information, on the ABR website and will periodically report progress regarding this change through its existing communications. Any major developments will be announced as needed through direct diplomate notifications.
The ABR has also posted Frequently Asked Questions about OLA. If you need more information about the traditional MOC exam, please click here.

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