Initial Certification for Interventional Radiology

Scoring and Results

Last verified on January 15, 2019
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All ABR exam scoring is criterion referenced, meaning that a passing standard is established in advance of the exam. The exam is not graded on a curve, and there is no set percentage of failures.
If a candidate fails one to five categories, he or she will have conditioned the exam and must take a repeat exam in the categories that were failed. If a candidate fails more than five categories, the entire exam must be repeated.


After the exam has been scored, the Board will post your results in your password-protected myABR account. Program directors and chairs will receive the same information for all their candidates and former candidates in order to help in evaluating and improving their training programs. Results for the Core Exam are posted approximately eight to ten weeks after the exam.

Core Exam Results
First-Time Takers (Residents ONLY)

Year Percent Passed Percent Failed Percent Conditioned Total Examinees
2016 91 9 0 1150
2017 94 6 0 1173
2018 86 13 1 1189

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