Initial Certification for Interventional Radiology

Program Administration

Last verified on May 13, 2020

Information for Program Directors and Coordinators

This page includes information that may be of special interest to program directors and coordinators.

Important Dates

Item Due Dates
Add new residents to myABR
Please see Program Checklist: New Resident Entry.
July 1-31, annually
Resident registration - completed on each resident's myABR account July 1 - September 30, annually. Late registrations will be accepted until October 31.
Training verification forms Emailed to programs annually in January; due back to ABR March 1
Core Exam invitation-CVENT email Emailed to eligible residents approximately 3 months prior to exam
NRC Forms A and B: verifies resident has completed the appropriate NRC training for AU eligibility Email reminder to programs in early February; due June 1, annually, for graduating residents
Core Exam results Posted on myABR 8-10 weeks after the exam
Final verification forms Emailed to programs annually in June; due back to ABR August 1
Certifying Exam Invitation Email notice sent to eligible candidates approximately 4 months prior to exam
Certifying Exam Emailed to eligible candidates approximately 2 months prior to the exam
Certifying Exam results Posted on myABR 8-10 weeks after the exam

Resident Registration

Beginning July 1, program directors or coordinators may add their new residents to their myABR account. First-time applicants with the ABR must use our online system to register. However, they cannot do so until program directors or coordinators complete the registration process in myABR, which includes the photo submission component. This task must be completed by July 31. Residents are encouraged to complete their registration on myABR during their first year (PGY2/R1) of training. The first annual fee is due at the time of registration. Payments must be made via myABR.
When a program coordinator or director is entering a new resident in myABR, the following steps will take place:
  • The program coordinator or director will be prompted to complete a second page of information that will consist of a photo and acknowledgments.
  • When completed, the resident will be notified and asked to complete his or her registration.
  • The resident’s registration will be updated to include a section where he or she reviews and either approves or declines the photo.
  • If the photo is approved, the resident can continue the registration process.
    • If the photo is declined, the registration will be locked, and an email will be sent to the program coordinator and director requesting that a new photo be uploaded.
    • The program coordinator or director will be able to upload a new photo on the program page, after which the resident will receive another email requesting that the registration be completed.
    • The photo approval/decline process will be repeated until the photo is approved.
  • To prevent additional fees for residents, please ensure all photos are updated before September 30 each year.

Other Information


Residency Transfers Between Integrated IR Programs

Residents are expected to remain in the same program for all five years. If a resident wishes to transfer for any reason, that transfer must be approved by the initial program director as well as by the new program director. A list of satisfactorily completed rotations must be provided to the new program director, who can accept all or some of them. To notify the ABR of a transfer, please submit a letter from each program that includes the following:
Initial Program New Program
Resident’s start and end training dates Resident’s start and anticipated end training dates
Did resident leave the program in good standing? Will all training completed be accepted?
Program Director signature Program Director signature

Residency Transfers from Diagnostic Radiology Program

Residents who have begun DR training may have the opportunity to transfer into an Integrated IR residency at their own institution to seek initial certification in IR/DR. To process the transfer, the ABR must receive a signed letter from the DR program director and the new IR program director confirming the resident’s start and end training dates, if the resident left the initial program in good standing, and if prior training will be accepted by the new IR program.


If a resident has withdrawn from your program, please submit this form to the ABR at to confirm the resident’s official end date with your program.

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence and vacation may be granted to residents at the discretion of the program director in accordance with the institution’s rules. Depending on the length of absence granted, the required period of graduate medical education may be extended accordingly. Residency program directors and their institutional GME offices determine the need for extension of residency training. Therefore, it is not up to the ABR to determine graduation dates for individual residents.

Training Verifications

Training verifications will confirm eligibility for the Core Exam. The Core Exam has been developed to be taken during or after 36 months of interventional radiology residency training. However, if a resident has started late or taken a leave of absence, and has completed at least 32 months of IR training, the program director may request that the resident take the Core Exam prior to 36 months. The program director must contact the ABR for information on how to obtain this waiver.

Final Verifications

Final verifications will confirm successful completion of the residency training requirements.