Initial Certification for Interventional Radiology

Program Administration

Last verified on February 14, 2024

This page includes information that may be of special interest to program directors and coordinators.


Timeline Breakdown

In the initial certification process for interventional radiology, the timeline is broken down by five training years.

  • R1/PGY-2 - First Year of Residency Training
  • R2/PGY-3 - Second Year of Residency Training
  • R3/PGY-4 - Third Year of Residency Training
  • R4/PGY-5 - Fourth Year of Residency Training
  • R5/PGY-6 - Fifth Year of Residency Training (Graduating Year)

Throughout this residency timeline, there are important action items that must be completed on the predetermined due date.

  • New resident application
  • Training verification
  • Exam information
  • The table below outlines the action items and the due dates.


    Program Coordinator/Director IR/DR Timeline

    Resident Year Dates Action Item Action Item Information Exam Information
    R1/PGY-2 July 1 - July 31 Add new resident in myABR New Resident Application
    R2/PGY-3 Nothing due at this time
    R3/PGY-4 January 1 - February 15 Submit training verification Training Verification Qualifying (Core) Exam Information
    R4/PGY-5 Nothing due at this time
    R5/PGY-6 January 1 - March 30 Submit final training verification Final Training Verification Certifying Exam Information

    New Resident Application

    Program Coordinator/Director

    Annually from July 1 to July 31, program coordinators/directors will add new residents* to their account in  myABR. To complete this process, program coordinators/directors will need to have all the information found on this Program Checklist.

    Once this process is completed, the resident will be notified by email and asked to complete his or her application during the open application period of July 1 to October 31.

    Please encourage residents to complete their application on myABR during their first year (R1/PGY-2) of training. The initial application fee is due at first-time application in myABR. Payments are made via myABR.

    *If a resident has transferred into your program, please do not add them as a new resident. Click here for more information.



    From July 1 to October 31, residents will apply through myABR. To complete this process, residents will need to have all the information found on this Resident Application Checklist.

    During the application process, the resident will be asked to approve the photo uploaded by the program.

    • If the resident approves the photo, the resident can continue the application process.
    • If the resident declines the photo, the application will be locked, and an email will be sent to the program coordinator/director requesting that a new photo be uploaded. The photo approval/decline process will repeat until the resident approves the photo.

    Training Verification


    The ABR sends email reminders at the beginning of each calendar year for program coordinators/directors to input the training credits in myABR by February 15 for the residents who are eligible to take the Qualifying (Core) Exam.

    Training verifications will confirm that a resident is eligible for the Qualifying (Core) Exam. The exam has been developed to be taken during or after 36 months (R3/PGY-4) of interventional radiology residency training. However, if a resident has started late or taken a leave of absence, and has completed at least 32 months of IR training, the program director may request that the resident take the Qualifying (Core) Exam prior to 36 months. The program director must contact the ABR for information on how to obtain this waiver.



    Annually the ABR will send final training verification forms for graduating residents via email to the program coordinators/directors at the beginning of January. Forms need to be submitted to the ABR by email to no later than March 30.

    Final verifications will confirm successful completion of the residency training requirements; namely, 60 months of training, with a minimum of four months in nuclear radiology and three months in mammography/breast imaging.


    Exam Information


    Qualifying (Core) Exam


    Annually, candidates who are eligible* to sit for the Qualifying (Core) Exam will receive an email invitation from the ABR inviting them to register for the exam. This email invitation will be sent 3 months before the exam. For additional information on the Qualifying (Core) Exam dates and locations, click here.



    Exam results will be posted in myABR approximately one month after the last day of the exam administration.


    *Eligible candidates need to have the following:

    • An active application with the ABR.
    • Program verification of required training.
    • Full payment of ABR fees.

    For more information regarding the Qualifying (Core) Exam prerequisites, click here.


    Certifying Exam


    Candidates who successfully completed five years in an IR/DR residency program will take both the computer-based and oral components of the exam. Exam registration is only available by invitation. The two certifying exam components (computer-based and oral) are held on separate days and registration for each component is completed separately. Candidates do not have to pass the computer-based component prior to taking the oral component. However, they do need to pass both components to receive an IR/DR Certifying Exam pass result.

    Computer-based component registration details: Eligible candidates will receive a registration invitation via email three to four months prior to the exam. The email will direct candidates to myABR to complete registration.

    Oral component registration details: Eligible candidates will receive an exam invitation approximately five months prior to the exam. the invitation will provide instructions and details on how to register for the exam.

    For additional information on IR exam dates and location, click here.


    Exam Results Posting

    Candidates will be notified of their results for the computer-based component of the IR/DR Certifying Exam approximately one month after the exam. Candidates will be notified of their results for the oral component of the IR/DR Certifying Exam approximately two weeks after the last day of the exam.

    To track the scoring progress of the computer-based component of the IR/DR Certifying Exam, please click here.


    *Eligible candidates must:

    • Have paid all ABR fees.
    • Hold an active medical license.
    • Be Board Eligible with the ABR.
    • Have successful completion of internship and IR residency verified by their program.
    • Have passed the Qualifying (Core) Exam.
    • Take the exam upon residency completion.

    For more information regarding the Certifying Exam prerequisites, click here.


    Other Information


    Late Application

    Residents in their third year of residency who did not complete a first-time application during the open application period of July 1 to October 31 can apply during the late application period in March. A late submission fee will be applied to their myABR account. Please note that the late submission fee does not apply to the application or exam fee cost.


    Exam Fee Tables

    Click here for the Integrated IR Residency fee table. Click here for the Independent IR Residency fee table.



    Between Integrated IR Programs

    Residents are expected to remain in the same program for all four years. If a resident wishes to transfer for any reason, that transfer must be approved by the initial program director as well as by the new program director. To notify the ABR of a transfer, please complete and submit the transfer form located here to


    From Diagnostic Radiology to an Integrated IR Program

    Residents who have begun DR training may have the opportunity to transfer into an integrated IR residency at their own institution to seek initial certification in IR/DR. To notify the ABR of a transfer, please complete and submit the transfer form located here to



    If a resident has withdrawn from your program, please submit this form to the ABR at to confirm the resident’s official end date with your program.

    Leaves of Absence

    Leaves of absence may be granted to residents at the discretion of the program director in accordance with the institution’s rules. Depending on the length of absence, an extension of training may be required for a resident to remain eligible for Initial Certification. Please see the ABR’s Residency Leave Policy for details.