Maintenance of Certification for Medical Physics

Continuing Certification Exams

Last verified on May 16, 2023

The Continuing Certification Exam for medical physics is a computer-based exam. A 125-question exam will be offered for each of the medical physics specialties: diagnostic medical physics, nuclear medical physics, and therapeutic medical physics. Each medical physics specialty’s Continuing Certification Exam is tailored to focus on clinical applications of medical physics as would be understood by diplomates who are established in practice. Topics for all specialties include dosimetry, radiation biology, radiation protection, shielding design, professionalism, and ethics. Topics for individual specialties include equipment for treatment or imaging, treatment planning, clinical protocols for treatment or imaging, informatics, and regulations.

This exam is needed only in limited situations. Anyone who has questions may send an email to or call (520) 790-2900.

Continuing Certification Exam dates are available on the medical physics exam calendar.