Maintenance of Certification for Medical Physics

Part 1: Professionalism and Professional Standing

Last verified on June 19, 2017
For those who are licensed, professional standing will be evaluated through documentation of a valid, unrestricted license to practice medical physics from a state requiring licensure of medical physicists (Florida, Hawaii, New York, or Texas). Please notify the Board within 60 days of any action(s) taken by a licensing body regarding your state medical physics licensure.
For those not licensed, professional standing will be evaluated through a professional attestation.
A diplomate must have at least one attester identified who can submit an attestation on his or her behalf when audited. The attester must be an ABR-certified diplomate who is familiar with the diplomate’s current contributions. The attester must confirm the diplomate’s knowledge and diligence in meeting the responsibilities associated with the profession of medical physics. Using the online attestation form, which is available on myABR, diplomates will be asked to supply a record of their recent accomplishments as related to each of the six general competencies and components of medical physics.
This will be shared with the diplomate’s attester to provide background information for his or her ratings.