Maintenance of Certification for Medical Physics

MOC Exam (Traditional)

Last verified on June 19, 2017
In May 2016, the ABR announced its plan to move away from the traditional 10-year MOC exam, administered in ABR exam centers, to Online Longitudinal Assessment, or OLA (for more information see the Part 3 page). The traditional MOC Exam described below is needed only in limited situations. You can determine your need to take the MOC Exam by logging in to myABR. If you still have questions about whether or not you need to take the MOC Exam, please call (520) 790-2900 or send an email to
The ABR’s MOC exam for medical physicists is a computer-based, proctored exam administered at Pearson VUE Test Centers. The exam is multiple-choice format and covers core knowledge (approximately 30 percent) and current evolving technologies (approximately 70 percent). Multiple certificate holders must complete the exam for each discipline in which they hold a certificate.
  • For information about the length of the exam, including break time, please click here.
  • For information on constants and physical values, please click here.
  • For information on calculators, please click here.

Exam Registration

You must be current with your MOC fees to register for the MOC exam.
Exam registration opens through Pearson VUE one year prior to the exam. Please be sure to register early to have the best chance of getting a seat at the Pearson VUE site of your choice. For more information about registration, go to    

MOC Exams

Please note: Beginning in 2018, medical physics diplomates who need to take a traditional MOC Exam will take the Medical Physics Part 3 (Oral) Exam.  

Study Guides

The following study guides are meant to help diplomates for the MOC exam. The guides are not all inclusive, but they indicate the general topics that will be included in the MOC exams for each specialty.
Diagnostic Medical Physics Study Guide
Nuclear Medical Physics Study Guide
Therapeutic Medical Physics Study Guide  

Exam Details

On exam day, the diplomate scheduled to participate in the exam according to ABR records must confirm his or her identity by presenting a valid government-issued photo I.D. and also may be identified through biometric verification.  

Exam Results

Exam results will be posted on myABR approximately four to six weeks after the exam. An email will be sent when the results have been posted.

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