Initial Certification for Radiation Oncology

Prerequisites and Registration

Last verified on July 28, 2017


To be eligible to take the Qualifying Exam, residents must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Have an active application with the ABR
  • Have applied by Sept. 30 of the year before planning to take the exam
  • Be current with all ABR fees and pay all annual fees before the date of the exam
Residents have the voluntary option to take the Medical Physics for Radiation Oncology and the Radiation and Cancer Biology parts of the Qualifying Exam after completion of their PGY4/R3, but they may not take the Clinical Radiation Oncology part of the Qualifying Exam until after completion of their PGY5/R4 year.  


The three parts of the computer-based Qualifying Exam are currently offered annually in July. Eligible candidates will receive an exam invitation approximately two months prior to the exam.
Registration for the Qualifying Exam is through Pearson VUE® Testing Centers. One registration covers all portions of the Qualifying Exam process.