Initial Certification for Radiation Oncology

International Medical Graduate Fees

Annual Program Fees

Four-Year Plan Appointment Fee
2017 Administration Fee* $765
2017 Annual Fee** $1165
Out-of-Training Fee*** $640
*Administration fee is a one-time, nonrefundable fee due at the time of submission of documents for approval to the IMG Alternate Pathway for Initial Certification.
**You will be sent your annual invoice in July every year as long as you are in the certification process. The fee amount is subject to adjustment by the ABR each year. All fees are nonrefundable.
***Fees after the standard four-year billing schedule: All IMG candidates who are out of training are charged an annual fee to continue participating in the initial certification process. Assuming no outstanding fees are owed, one initial certifying exam may be attempted every year at no additional charge. Candidates may continue to participate in the initial certification process until their board eligibility period terminates. All IMG candidates will be invoiced annually until certification is obtained or until board eligibility expires, whichever occurs first.

Additional Fees

The following table shows additional fees that may apply.
Fee Type Description Amount
Annual Fee Late Payment(up to exam date) Annual fee not paid by due date. $100
Cancellation Fee (up to exam date) Cancelled appointment after registering for testing site and scheduling exam.* $300
Exam No-Show Fee Did not appear for exam after registering for testing site and scheduling exam.* $500
Re-exam Fee* If you fail an exam, a re-exam fee may be assessed.* $640
*Payment is required to continue during the initial certification process. Any exam fees paid for the cancelled/missed administration will be applied to the next exam attempt; however, a new annual fee may be due in the interim.
Payment may be made by Visa™, Mastercard™, American Express™, or eCheck only (U.S. currency). Payment by cashier’s check or money order will not be accepted. If your payment is declined for any reason, you will be charged a $100 processing fee.