Initial Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Board Eligibility

Last verified on December 16, 2023

Time Limitation for Attaining Initial Certification

Candidates have specific time limits for remaining eligible to be initially certified by the ABR and to maintain their status as board eligible. Board eligibility for those currently in training will begin at the completion of an ACGME- or RCPSC-accredited training program and extend for six years. For candidates seeking initial certification through an alternate pathway, "completion of training" is defined as the end of the four-year period outlined in the Sponsoring Department Agreement.
After the period of board eligibility ends, candidates failing to successfully complete the initial certification process will no longer be considered by the ABR as board eligible, will no longer be permitted to designate themselves as such for communications or credentialing purposes, and will no longer be reported as such to external agencies in verification letters.

Please see the ABR’s Board Eligibility Policy for further details.