Initial Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Initial Application and Fees

Last verified on April 23, 2019
After a candidate enters residency, his or her program director or coordinator will submit the candidate’s name and email address to the ABR as a new resident in the training program.
When your information is received, the ABR will send you a notification and information for logging in to myABR to begin the application process.
If you have not already applied:
  • Applications are accepted by the ABR July 1 - October 31 (the first annual fee is due at the time of registration).
  • Applications are reviewed by the ABR in the order they are received.

Annual Fees

Annual fees are charged for every year you are in the initial certification process, beginning with your first year of residency. If you do not fully pass the Core or Certifying exam on the first administration, additional exam fees will apply. Please note that all fees are subject to change.
Fees must be paid within myABR.
Please note that the annual fee is not refundable. If you pay your fees after PGY2, you will owe fees for multiple years.
Fee Description Amount
Annual Fee Charged every year that candidates are in the initial certification process. $640
Annual Fee Late Payment Charged if annual fee is not paid by March 1 each year. $100
Re-exam Fee* If you do not fully pass an exam, a re-exam fee may be assessed. $640
Radioisotope Safety Exam (RISE) Application Fee Exam to achieve Authorized User Eligibility (AU-E). $220
*Administration fee is included and is nonrefundable.  

Additional Fees

If you register for an exam and cancel 30 days or more prior to the exam date, any exam fees paid will be applied to your next eligible exam. If you register for an exam and cancel fewer than 30 days prior to the exam or do not show for the exam appointment, you forfeit any exam fees paid.
Payment may be made by Visa™, MasterCard™, American Express™, or eCheck only (U.S. currency). Payment by cashier's check or money order will not be accepted. If your payment is declined for any reason, there will be a $100 processing fee.  

Fees After the Standard Five-year Billing Schedule

All candidates out of training are charged an annual fee to continue participating in the certification process. Assuming no outstanding fees are owed, one initial certifying exam may be attempted every year at no additional charge. If a second initial certification exam is taken in the same calendar year, a re-exam fee will be charged. Individuals may continue to participate in the certification process until their board eligibility period terminates. All candidates will be invoiced annually until certification is obtained or until board eligibility expires, whichever occurs first.

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