Initial Certification for Diagnostic Radiology

Studying for the Exam

Last verified on January 16, 2024
ABR exams are developed by volunteers from a wide range of practice settings and reflect the breadth of information a candidate is expected to know by the time of an exam. While we offer study guides on our website, each candidate should decide what type of resources he or she should use for our exams. Candidates who use test preparation materials developed by other organizations or commercial entities should not expect an ABR exam to completely align with these materials regarding the scope or item types on ABR exams.
To understand how exam questions are written and learn more about different types of exam questions, please see the ABR Item Writers’ Guide. For a look at the extensive QA process that each question goes through, please see the Illustrated Life Cycle of an ABR Exam Item.
Required Module: Essentials of Diagnostic Radiology Study Guide 
The Essentials of Diagnostic Radiology module will contain Noninterpretive Skills (NIS) content. The Noninterpretive Skills Study Guide provides detailed content that examinees are expected to know to answer the NIS questions. All material that will be included in the NIS module is included in the syllabus. If changes are made to this exam module, the syllabus will be updated accordingly.
Clinical Category Study Guides (three to be chosen by the diplomate – see Certifying Exam Landing Page)
Breast Imaging Neuroradiology
Cardiac Nuclear
Gastrointestinal Pediatric
General Radiology Thoracic
Genitourinary Ultrasound
Musculoskeletal (MSK) Vascular/Interventional
The second portion of the Radioisotope Safety Content (RISC) is also integrated into the Certifying Exam. For studying, please refer to the RISC Domain Document.