Subspecialties for Interventional Radiology

Dates, Locations, Fees

Last verified on May 5, 2020
Year Date Description and Location
2020 October 4 Diagnostic Radiology Subspecialty ExamABR Exam Centers, Tucson and Chicago
Registration will be open February 1 to May 31, 2020.
Fee Type Description Amount
Application Fee1 Candidates will be notified when they need to pay this. $1635
Exam Fee2 Paid at the time the application is approved.
Payment is due 60 days before the exam date.
1 Application fee is nonrefundable.
2Diplomates who register for an exam and cancel 30 days or more before the exam date will have any exam fees paid applied to their next eligible exam. Those who register for an exam and cancel fewer than 30 days before the exam date or do not show for the exam appointment forfeit any exam fees paid.
Payment may be made by Visa™, MasterCard™, or American Express™, or e-Check only (U.S. currency). Payment by cashier's check or money order will not be accepted. If payment is declined for any reason, a $100 processing fee will be assessed.