Subspecialties for Interventional Radiology

Studying for the Exam

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Study Guide

The exam consists of four categories. Below is an outline of areas that may be covered.

This is a general outline and is not all-inclusive.


    Clinical Nuclear Radiology

    1. Central nervous system
    2. Endocrine system
    3. Gastrointestinal system
    4. Hepatobiliary system and spleen
    5. Cardiovascular system
    6. Respiratory system
    7. Genitourinary system
    8. Musculoskeletal system
    9. Neoplasm and abscess localization

    Physics of Nuclear Radiology

    1. Basic nuclear medical physics
    2. Radioactivity
    3. Nuclear instrumentation
    4. Measurements and statistics of counting
    5. Dosage and dosimetry
    6. Protection and safety

    Radiation Biology

    1. Cell structure in biology
    2. Cellular radiation injury and repair
    3. Organ radiobiology
    4. Genetics
    5. Carcinogenesis
    6. NRC-related materials (see Nuclear Regulatory Commission information)

    Basic Science (clinically relevant)

    1. Radiochemistry
    2. Radiopharmacology
    3. Physiology of organ systems
    4. Tracer theory
    5. Principles of imaging and image analysis
    6. NRC-related materials (see Nuclear Regulatory Commission information)

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