Subspecialties for Interventional Radiology

Studying for the Exam

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Study Guide

This exam consists of three categories. Below is an outline of areas that may be covered. This is a general outline and is not all-inclusive.

    Chest, Cardiac, Facial Bones, ENT, and Airway

    1. Facial bones, sinuses, mastoids
    2. Airway, tongue, nasopharynx
    3. Cardiovascular (in chest)
    4. Lungs and chest wall
      • Congenital
      • Infections
      • Neoplasms
      • Trauma
      • Other
        • older child
        • neonate and infant

    Musculoskeletal, Spine, CNS

    1. Brain and skull
    2. Spine
    3. Musculoskeletal
    4. Congenital anomalies and variants
    5. Infection
    6. Neoplasms - bone, soft tissue
    7. Trauma
    8. Metabolic, endocrine and toxic
    9. Other, systemic and osteochondroses
    10. Bone dysplasias
    11. Congenital malformation syndromes

    GI, GU, and Interventional

    1. Esophagus and stomach
    2. Duodenum and small bowel
    3. Colon and general abdominal problems
    4. Liver, spleen, and pancreas
    5. Kidney
    6. Ureter and bladder
    7. Urethra, genital, adrenal
    8. Vascular and interventional

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