Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Part 1 Exam

Last verified on June 5, 2023
The first exam candidates will take is the Part 1 computer-based exam, which consists of a general exam section and a clinical exam section. Both are based on the expected knowledge of a second-year graduate student. The two sections can be taken at different times. For example, a candidate who is prepared for the general section may take it first and postpone taking the clinical section until a later administration.
The general exam section focuses on medical physics at the level of common graduate courses. The clinical exam section focuses on anatomy, medical terminology, and physiology at the level of an introductory course taught in a college of health sciences, as well as radiobiology at the level of an introductory graduate course. The exam also includes ethics and professionalism at the level of the RSNA-AAPM Ethics and Professionalism modules.