Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Exam Results

Last verified on January 18, 2024
Oral exam results are posted in myABR two weeks after the last day of the exam.
“Next steps” letters for the oral exam are posted approximately three to four weeks after the exam results are posted on the candidate’s myABR account.
For information on conditioning the exam and next steps, see the Conditions and Reapplications page.

Part 3 (Oral) Exam – Feedback Request

    • The intent of feedback is to provide a candidate with a general indication regarding areas of weakness and is not an opportunity to revise scoring.
    • If a candidate conditions the exam (failing one category), the ABR will provide feedback at no charge if requested.
    • If a candidate fails the overall exam, the fee for feedback is $150.
    • To request exam feedback, complete the form located here.
    • Results will be sent to you by email. Please allow up to 90 days for the ABR’s response.

Part 3 (Oral) Exam Results

First-Time Takers

Year Percent Passed Percent Failed Percent Conditioned Total Examinees
2018 60 20 20 228
2019 70 22 8 227
2021 63 23 14 364
2022 79 10 11 121
2023 58 26 16 188