Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Exam Results

Last verified on January 15, 2019
Oral exam results are posted in myABR two weeks after last day of the exam.
“Next steps” letters for the oral exam are posted approximately three to four weeks after the exam results are posted on the candidate’s myABR account.
For information on conditioning the exam and next steps, see the Conditions and Reapplications page.

Part 3 (Oral) Exam – Feedback Request

  1. The deadline for requesting feedback is 60 days after the date your results were posted for your review.
  2. The fee for feedback is $150 for full and/or conditioned exams. You must pay by credit card. Please note that due to security issues, the ABR cannot accept credit card forms by email.
  3. You must submit your request in writing by mail or fax:
    • Mail: 5441 E. Williams Circle Tucson AZ 85711-7412
    • Fax: (520) 790-3200
  4. Results will be sent to you by email. Please allow four to six weeks for the ABR’s response.

Part 3 (Oral) Exam Results

First-Time Takers

Year Percent Passed Percent Failed Percent Conditioned Total Examinees
2016 61 27 12 254
2017 66 18 16 199
2018 60 20 20 228