Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Part 2 Exam Results

Last verified on January 18, 2021
The pass/fail results for the Part 2 exams are posted in each candidate’s myABR account approximately four weeks after the last day of the exams. Candidates will receive an email when results have been posted. “Next steps” letters also will be received within three weeks after the results are posted on myABR.
During this time period, please do not request scores by email, fax, or any other method. Candidates who have not received their results within four weeks after the exam may contact the ABR office.
Candidates who fail a Part 2 exam must retake it at the next annual exam.

Part 2: Results

First-Time Takers Enrolled in a CAMPEP Program
Exam Dates* Percentage Failing Percentage Passing Total Examinees
2015 16% 84% 190
2016 17% 83% 185
2017 11% 89% 202
2019 7% 93% 193
*Numbers from the 2018 exam are not available because of an inconsistency in the test administration.